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    This album contains material inspired by Slavonic mythology and history. In the time of their creation the band was influenced by Scandinavian black metal bands and searched for its own historical and cultural inspiration. Since this topic has been recently widely adopted by the present neo-Nazi and alt-Right political scene, the band members would like to distant themselves from this kind of connection. To make sure we're not helping to spread any kind of extremist ideas, we give all the funds collected from selling the old Ethereal Pandemonium music to the organisation Človek v ohrození (Human in danger) that helps people in difficult places of the world whose human rights are compromised. We ask you to help and donate to securing human rights and liberal democracy anywhere in the world as well. ... more

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This is the third release by Ethereal Pandemonium, legendary UG BM act from Bratislava which was composed in years 2000-2002 and released in several, what one could say - attempts, between 2002-2004.

But before we get there let's say that following the peek in it's career (Arcanum Lunae) around 1999-2000, this was the time when things took southwards direction for the band. Shortly after Countess Ekorn's departure from the band, Nathuruss - the founding member and front man with substantial drive and composing potential has decided to leave the band in 2001 after recording his parts. That left the band shaken and without a bass guitar player and main vocalist. Another line-up change followed when controversial vocalist De Sade Soliloquay disappeared literally from one day to another. While he was still present during recording of the first half of "Wisdom" DIY videoclip, he was no longer with the band in it's second half (check out the 2nd youtube link for the video). Rumors say that he left the country and the band has not heard of him since then. These changes challenged Vidar who took over male vocals replacing two former vocalists.

In this time the band started to get controversial for the political ideas that it became associated with. Some left or anti-western ideas could be found in lyrics of Rhaa - talented composer but also an idealistic student of philosophy and political science. Friendship and tolerance towards mutual deviations set tolerance bar too low which allowed for presentation of songs with difficult/controversial subjects. Despite neo-marxist ideology presented in Rhaa's songs, the shadow of De Sade Soliloquay's extreme-right past (which other band members either didn't understand at the time or were uncertain how to deal with due to friendship bonds from teenage times), but also Vidar’s then naive fascination with some dark periods of history and politics hurt and haunted the band's image and accusations from various parts of the Slovak UG scene followed although the band claimed being apolitical, libertarian and free of any bias. Frustration was expressed via the statement in the CD booklet which said: “Ethereal Pandemonium would like to express their deepest gratitude to everyone involved. Consider every political or ideological direction seen behind the band as your incomprehension. We enjoy not to agree with each other."...

Finally, as the light at the end of the tunnel was the encounter with Zuzana who re-recorded vocals on rearranged traditional song "Perinbaba Theme" (appears on 2004 versions of the album) and became the new full time female vocalist in late 2002.

Speaking of album itself, the first "attempt" from 2002 via label Esprit (arranged by band's former manager Darkoldus) went totally wrong as the company responsible for CD production delivered albums on CD-R media and songs were skipping while playing. The release was then saved by HROM records, which arranged professional MC release in 2002 and licensed CD release under Russian CD Maximum label - in 2004.


released January 1, 2002

vidar - the voice, 6 string wood
rhaa - sounds of the unnatural origin
herr doktor - 6 strings wood
demogorgon - skins, membranes and metals
de sade soliloquay - the voice
zuzana - the voice

nathuruss - 4 string wood, the voice
mrs. jana blahova - the alto voice
suzanne - spoken word



all rights reserved


Ethereal Pandemonium Bratislava, Slovakia

Ethereal Pandemonium formed as gothic-black metal band with doom and pagan influences in Bratislava, Slovakia in 1996. As the second Slovak BM band with an official release they significantly influenced Slovak BM UG scene in late 90's and early 00's and played many gigs in Slovakia and Czech Republic. After releasing one demo and three full length releases, they disbanded in 2008. ... more

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Track Name: Dark-Age Philosophy
O'er crimson moonlight, mirk Poets, lengthering Shadows
Revealed dismay impurity hidden there,
In oestrus forest elegies, bloomed in twilight gray,
By sirens of Arkona, Slavon' Gods swore, never to fade away...

Stillness impales me, throughout the years I've yearned,
For thy embrace, for shadows pure, Oeuvre pagan mine,
Lurking with the caves of mist and lunar feeble shine
Preternaturally ambient like an aery lullaby...

Oaken God, thy sword arise, With majesty to thee such own,
Thy folk shall never thee despise, like shall do Jesus Fucking Christ!
Remember them when pagan fire, from skies in rains shall burn the holy soil.

Wrath... As the Statues Wooden were,
Arisen to life and with the troops of pagas
New era was 'bout to begin
Now... For Volk and Heathen Race,
We, like the gods of human Thoughts
To Heavens rise our Bows and Swords.

Ako Orol, ktory hniezdo svoje pred supmi chrani,
Tak i Hromovladca Perun, pohansku zem,
A hoc sam uz minulost nenavratim,
Ja, v boji za narod, i zomriet hodlam pren...

Barefeet, wandering through the gardens of the past,
Among the founts of long-forgotten lays,
With the sagas of the fallen leaves and tragedies the sunsets wrote
Shall witness crucifixion of the Nazarene again!

Waterfalls they flow with different waters everytime,
But my pride remains unchanged with every drop that passes
By my side, wishing I could rise my sword, to see the thunder
Striking 'bove the Perun's oaken stand...

Roses of darkest colour, the embers flame devours,
The memory of the Dark-Age but still bright and free,
And though the curtain untorn remains, I vow to thee,
That my faith for pagan race shall live eternally...

For Dark - Age Philosophy
Track Name: Wisdom
The Mother of all knowledge, the book of my disguise,
Whence doeth come the storm that I can't see?
A dusk-flame reborn whom whirlwinds obey
Just thousand more years elements decay
And whither then it pass' crestfallen poetry?

Of earth and oceans, sky and lightning, we are born
All four quite distant, still the mixis of the apeyron,
Self-battled odyssey, the spiral to the core
Of the thought that no human ever thought before...

The maze with thousand spotlights, heroic is the one
To walk is straight as the mountain path alone,
Pass the shapes, lost in circles run
Searching not for the moon nor sun,
They seek the words to describe, the wisdom's sacred spawn.

Of earth and oceans, sky and lightning, we are born
All four quite distant, still the mixis of the apeyron,
Self-battled odyssey, the spiral to the core
Of the thought that no human ever thought before...

Ever thought before,
Spiral to the core,
Settling the score,
Spiral to the core.

Pozrime si do oči. Sme Hyperborejci - vieme az prilis dobre, ako zijeme bokom.
"Ani po susi, ani po vode nenajdes cesty k Hyperborejcom": to vedel onas uz Pindaros.
Mimo sever, mimo ľad, mimo smrť - nas zivot, nase sťastie...
Objavili sme sťastie, pozname cestu, nasli sme vychodisko zcelych tisicroči labyrintu.
Kto inak ho nasiel?
Moderny človek snad? - "Neviem odkiaľ kam, som vsetkym, čo nevie, odkiaľ kam" - vzdycha moderny človek... Touto modernosťou sme stonali, zhnitym mierom, zbabelym kompromisom, vsetkou cnostnou nečistotou moderneho Ano a Nie.
Tato tolerancia alargeur srdca, ktora vsetko "odpusťa", pretoze vsetko "chape", to pre nas scirocco.
Radsej vľade ziť, nez medzi modernymi cnosťami a inymi juznymi vetrami!
Formula nasho sťastia: jasne Ano, Nie, priama linia, cieľ...

We chase the raindrops by the chalices of wine,
Cockroaches in the dirt is what we call goodwill divine,
Confused and mislead, the pathfinders of destiny,
On the ladders to the higher principles...
Track Name: Vidovdan 1999
Zroneny, no stale zivy, ziaľ nahradil spravodlivy hnev,
Vzopal narod vsetky sily, boj sa jeho nepriateľ,
Z vychodu vietor pomsty veje, doraňany narod z pahreby vstava,
Viac uz pokory vo vriacej krvi nie je, chopil sa meča, domocť sa svojho prava...

Braň sa, vlči rod!!! Pamataj na Vidovdan!!!

Kym bolesť pominie a skonči raz nas boľ,
Kym slzy večnosti nepohlti čas,
Tam kdesi na dne studne narekov,
Spominať bude kazdy z nas...
Nikto si nezasluzil, nikto nemal plakať,
Bo prečo hynuli nasi milovani,
To plna sĺz je ta podomnou mlaka
Ani čas nemoze zmyť z nas vsetky rany...

Tak braň sa vlči rod a pamataj, pamataj na Vidovdan!

A ty mor ho! Hoj, mor ho, detvo mojho rodu!
Kto kradmou rukou siahne na tvoju slobodu,
A čo i tam dusu das, v tom boji divokom,
Mor ty len! A vol nebyť, ako byť otrokom!

Tisic rokov čakame na ten deň, kedy Slav naplni odveky sen,
Skonči sa čas poroby a pokory, vo svite Luny zaziari nas diadem...

O, spominaj na ten čas, kedy netrpel moj ľud!

Prisli vrazdiť, zabijali,
Otčinu nasu a deti tvoje zotročili, Nie!

Leť, o rychlo leť, nadej k oblakom, odkiaľ nas suzi strach,
Zoslany hviezdou na nase deti nevinne,
Nebesia sa rozostupili a posol temnot chŕlil oheň na moj ľud
O, beda nam...

Braň sa, vlči rod!!! Pamataj na Vidovdan!!!

Volaj, Slovan, krič, nech počuť Slavsky chor,
Nech ucitia nas bič, o pohanov...

Slav braň si česť, bo pominie nas rod,
Zovri ruky v pasť a daj sa na pochod... Si Slav!
Daj kresťanovi znať, ze pohan prichadza,
Na pomoc bratom svojim, ktorych on nezradza...

Si Slav! Si Slav!
Track Name: The Resistance Manifesto
Misery... came to redeem us with
Dignity... of the icons of death
Jesus Christ... and his crestfallen sight
Tragedy... of the split divine

V bezutesnej tisine rozplinul sa tieň,
Prekonany časom v ten osudny deň,
Zo scholastickych vod narazil na breh
A vokol rozliehal sa Erazmov smiech
Z popola doby povstal, aby vyrazil vpred,
Sumrak bohov privolal, čim uhasil svoj smad,
Osvieteny posadil sa spať na ľudsky tron
A obratil kriz - s vervou - s novym posolstvom... ku nam

Ornaments of Torture – Unique, Severed Limbs repaired,
And will with urge to control sensibility long dead,
With oceans, bleeding orgasms, perverted sainthood – I
Philosophy of new day vengeance born, condemned to die.
Feed me dirt, scum bathe my body, slowly hours pass,
But eyes refuse to stare the way the painful heart demands...

Self-hatred carnival and masks expressing self-pressed anger
God hidden in atom, divine chemistry
Manuf(r)actured poetry for the vengeance of the new millennium
Blasphemy as exit from the stabwounds of our fate,
Set ablaze in freezing darkness – mummified verse,
Where tons of human flesh cells fulfill promethean curse,
Labyrinth of straight path – Christendom of trust?
Forever incomprehensible to us... (Christendom of trust???)

Where are all the wizards now? Who can hear their cries?
Time has buried their torsos in the dirt...
Whom they shall preach, whom shall they praise...
Only Whores of modern Babylon...
But still... a memory out to the distance...
Reminding of the moment... close to their death

Now watch the icons bleed, the heavens weep and pandemons black'n'roll...
Track Name: Elders Poem
Raised by the knowledge breaking the walls,
In spirit of darkness, falling asleep,
As prophets of coincidence, process of birth,
Falling too high, yet rising too deep.
The raging wolves with the jaws of glass
When questioning the wiser to step back,
By thoughts driven fear we shall rule,
Ours defend, foreign attack!
Samo reborn, the legions let march!
Wogastisburg of our hearts.
...Wogastisburg of our hearts...

Homewards, Vesna lead my steps
My lungs to fill with your breath,
On the wings of Phoenix, take me there,
Where solstices and thunder flare
All men as one, together hail...

Rhyme for the verse, the one eyed old man's curse,
Bleeding promises that failed...
Rebellion of no clues, the give and the loose,
Last requiem that failed...
We walked the same common path
Where am I supposed to find you now?
A poem for my lonesome wrath
How am I supposed to fight it now?

Combien faut-il de fois secouer mes grelots
Et baiser ton front bas, morne caricature?
Pour piquer dans le but, de mystique nature,
Combien, ô mon carquois, perdre de javelots?

Nous userons notre âme en de subtils complots,
Et nous démolirons mainte lourde armature,
Avant de contempler la grande Créature
Dont l'infernal désir nous remplit de sanglots!

Il en est qui jamais n'ont connu leur Idole,
Et ces sculpteurs damnés et marqués d'un affront,
Qui vont se martelant la poitrine et le front,

N'ont qu'un espoir, étrange et sombre Capitole!
C'est que la Mort, planant comme un soleil nouveau,
Fera s'épanouir les fleurs de leur cerveau!
[Charles Baudelaire]
Track Name: Venus Et Adonis
Venus et Adonis heri vesperi ferociter pugnabant et semper hominum cogitationis vincetur, cave!

Nemesisis vindicta!

Venus et Adonis heri vesperi ferociter pugnabuntur et...

Adonis... Adonis!
In tenebrae... In tenebrae!
Venus is crying damned by the past and the blind
Stultitia... Stultitia!
Adonidis... Adonidis!
Though the mankind is blind I shall never see the black and the dark

Lux et Tenebris...

This is the requiem for the mankind tossing in the basement...
When the scars of the past are stronger than Atlas.
You cannot die, oh Venus, open your embrace, touch me,
Dance with me the waltz of the hopelessness...

Vae Victis!

From the throne of the eternity
I saw the memorial fo the damned
No penance for Venus, no pity for them
Die in disgrace! Poor human race!

Venus et Adonis heri vesperi ferociter pugnabant et semper hominum cogitationis vincetur, cave!

So die...
Red Orchidea...
Although you were in bloom...
The sin of the crestfallen...
And graveyard of the damned...
You can see...
Die, oh, die...
Let us suffer, Lord...
And what about the life?
Vanity Divine!
What if idea will change the existence?
Canta, Venus! De metu mortis! De spe! De vita beata!

Damnata sum, laesa eram, opus dei immutavi,
Nefaria, impia sum, malum operis de vidi,
Militis paucoris Dominacionis,
Spem omnem serví malí necabant, oh adonis
Track Name: Aries
I shall... I shall tell you what is the passion,
Never... Nevertheless, you'll never find love
I can't... I can't tell you what is love,
Never... Nevertheless that whore will grind your soul

In Nomine Dei Excelsi, a cross of thousand masks,
Self-turned misantrophy, Equillibrium of Love...
And Hate!!!
Hate? Such Pleasure and Emotions such the purest,
Dear Mephisto, teach me how to hate Him in your vein!

Feel my pulse... and concentrate, stimulate, breed your hate,
For God's sake, thy propaganda is ripping all my senses

In the falling of the Skies, you'll be searching for the seas
In the struggle with thy god, fallen temples you will see
Where the seraphims unbound, in the laughter prophesy,
There in the weeping of aman... Desires in slumber shall die...

Betrayed, so purple, among the tombstones, in lovers´ waltz, they danced...
All's gone now, too vanished... Alas! My Decadence!
Desire stronger than the bounds of living, the heavens, stay awake!
Venom, Dagger, my voice... Thy venom'll be a choice!

Peccatum Eternal and covenants of cellestial archs,
Possesions mean no more than dust in my old bones,
For thousand golden chariots, asigh from her divine,
Pristine and temporary... The Aries of my desperation...

Malevolent, turbulent, enchantment permanent...
Purity, the gravity and whirlwinds in my sanity,
Just history...

In third 'velation, the constellations would never be too weak...
She appeared as the clouds were torn, Illusion now reborn,
And choirs celestial were all so quiet, like never before...
The battle won for a man, whilst God has lost the war!
Track Name: Kaos Al-khemy
And thou, the ascetic whore of all,
Whom all disasters did befall,
Before settled upon my soil and stood as a cause to all my toil,
I demand thee, release...

Feeling of loss in my self did emboss,
Such disastrous you are when you open my scar,
Waters of ocean take all my devotion,
May God's hidden mask cover all that I ask,
The pain may it sever, for now and for never,
For words do not ache, should my thoughts turn to fake?
Empty the shell from the liquid of hell,
Be the face from the black that commands the attack,
My demand to release all that should be released,
From the brain and the throat, from the lamb and the goat...

Whirlwinds ablaze – Thunder driven fire
Elements decay – Thousand one desires
The massive wooden factory tonight my calling answered
And mirrors staring back acknowledged...

Später... Danach...
Unleashed, thrown in raging, fucking kaos
Die Wille... Zu Macht...
Tossing and struggling, offer existence, beware!

Stinking of Sulphur... Raped in twilight dawn
´dicted to acid rains, Their ancestors of twelve disciples,
Never question their fatherland, failed is to remain dead!
Better breed your own kataklyzma alkemy – W73 – Kaos elementally...

Psykodelic essence into lungs of the believers,
We shall be protecting their thoughts before the downfall
That the Satanic age coming onto our sties brings...
Bayonet into every eye and sulphur onto every tongue
As we fulfill the will of the master emperor jesus.christ.thenazarene
His only purest heart whose enemies did die with even more cruelty
That the world has ever befallen...
Ein Krist... Ein Himmel... Ein Gott!

Stinking of Sulphur... Raped in twilight dawn
´dicted to acid rains, Their ancestors of twelve disciples,
Never question their fatherland, failed is to remain dead!
Better breed your own kataklyzma alkemy – W73 – Kaos elementally...

Whilst magnets prison my regrets, whilst fabric of the death and threats,
We with the acid rains shall dance until the stars awaken,
Whilst our burden carried is, and whilst ideas our dismissed,
We to disciples of the kaos our faces turn...

The Elements of Kaos... The deepest Kataklyzma
Our Elements of Kaos... The Alchemy Equilibric Tonight
Track Name: Thy Kingdom Burn
Breathing the flames and the flames would I breed
With the crows would I dance to grow 'diculous seed,
By the moondials of nocturnal spirit unleashed...
Pulsing to beats of this gloom symphony
Just once inhaled to rise to the level of seas
Be my Zuna, the almighty Luna diseased...
Whence this call goeth there my dark atrophy
Turns forbidden to loose and the Atrocity,
With the enemies tending the peacocks mislead...
Fearing just misery whom I shall preach,
Then to raise brand new spawn on the styx' purest beach
By the towers of nocturnal spirit unleashed...

Weak to the dawn with the palms razor-cut
With the face not too white and the motives too bright
"Delirium cumulates..." soon would she speak
To the Christendom turn and with Christendom bleed...

Brothers in blood that united in hatred
And Seraphs of fallen wing,
Gathered from chambers beneath bloody sky
And their voices thus did sing:
"All the unsaints – pledged to the rebel,
Pleased to grow weak and then suffer the devil
Past serpentines – dance with the storm
Kissing the thunder with earth's golden dawn..."
We failed to arise – Failed to slay G.O.D.
By crescent nor fullmoon nor eclipse so dark,
Six time we tried, and sixth (it) almost died,
As the Acheron shook with the Babylon's arc

Can you hear all my callings, oh, Caesar the Vice,
Perpetuum... Universum...

Enter Iesus Nazaretus Rex Iudaeori
Sacred remain thy blood in which we shall bathe

With the structure of chemical waves
And the vortex of all pulsing heights
Opening, regretting, dying and forgetting
Awaking, celebrating... dancing in the northern caves
Constellation of absolute lows,
Reproductive and ready to flow
Opening, regretting, dying and forgetting
Inhaling, exhaling... dancing in forests of north

The imperial palace, compass huge and high,
The structure, skill of noblest architects,
With gilded battlements, conspicuous far,
Turrets and terraces, glittering spires

Pulsing with vortex I bleed
And with decadence to feed
Palm against the razor
Razor against the teeth
Track Name: Perinbaba Theme
Lesmi i poliami, čo stvoril nas vek,
V mysliach davnych pochovany je des,
Cez sedla hor, hmlistych Karpat hrebene,
Putuje v diaľ nadej vzbudena dnes,

A stovky orlov, čo kruzia vo vysinach,
Jej vzdava poctu, ticha dostojnosť vnich,
Aj tie uz znaju to, čo ini tusia len,
Ze vykriku predchadza nebadany vzdych,

A zutrap osidiel, hoc raz uz zronene,
Teraz sa prebudza apovstava spať,
Do vekov vryte runy slovanskych čias
Toho navrat teraz kazdy zna uvidieť!

O, povstaň Fenix slovansky a leť,
Nase duse zufaju zas teba uvidieť,
A duby tisicročne v zivot preber nam zas,
Nech Perun vzkriesi nas čas...

Predlho čakal titan ukryty vnas,
Udy mu zoslably, hoc silny sa zda,
Reťaze vsak pretrha, nech slovansky rod,
Utrapy otroctva nikdy viac nespozna

A synov nasich nikto viac uz nesputa,
Sťa orly hrde oni budu sa niesť
A večne posvatne v usiach ti bude znieť:
"Ja nikdy nezradim svoj rod asvoju česť!"

O, povstal Fenix, kletu kridla rozprestrel,
Vtej chvili kazdy vedieť lietať len chcel
Z tych dubov tisicročnych počul si hlas:
Dnes Perun vzkriesil nas čas!

Paslo dievča pavy v tom zelenom haji,
Prisli k nemu dva mladenci: "poď ty dievča s nami!"
"Kebych s vami jela, kam bych pavy dala,
Pustim ich ja dolinami a ja pojdem s vami!"