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This is the final album by Ethereal Pandemonium which can be labelled as their Post Black Metal release. It was composed during years 2002-2005 and recorded in 2004-2006 in multiple sessions, often under harsh DIY conditions, where the band was struggling to find common ground and motivation to deliver any (high quality) output.

Final recording of vocals, mix and mastering took place at an infamous recording studio in Bratislava (we'll skip it's name on purpose) where last bits of sanity disappeared in a pot smoke of it's owner/sound engineer who let the band mixing and mastering the final product on their own (while himself getting high and charging the band full price per hour). So much for the explanation of a "demo-ish" sound of the CD and of what some would call "unusual vocal (dis)harmonies". The morale was very low at the times but the band decided to complete the work and - despite different opinions of it's members on the quality and present-ability of the final work - managed to release the album while having fun and staying friends until the very end of the painful process (and some of them even after...).

This album is the final statement of a band which despite young age of it's members (14-16 when the first demo was recorded) was the first and most influential band in Bratislava's BM UG scene of late 90's and never lacked strong song writing potential and ingenious lyrical content - which are also present on "Lost'N'Sound".

Album's booklet was designed and created by visual/musical artist Nenad Branković and the album was released on Forensick Music's sublabel KRV Records in January 2007.

Check out YouTube link for DIY videclip "Zah-doom-unee" with alternate lyrics directed by Vidar as his school project.


released January 10, 2007

Vidar - Guitar, Vocals, Jew's Harp
Luboš - Keyboards
Doktor - Guitar
Roman - Drums
Zuzanna - Vocals
Wlad - Bass

Gianna Fear - piano on "Was Lost And Now I'm Sound", vocals on "Pod Telgártom"
Jana Blahova - vocals on "Judas, Look Around" and "Omen"
Semish - guitar solos and acoustic variax on "Expressionism: Razorblade" and "Omen"
Wewe - vocals on "Pod Telgártom"



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Ethereal Pandemonium Bratislava, Slovakia

Ethereal Pandemonium formed as gothic-black metal band with doom and pagan influences in Bratislava, Slovakia in 1996. As the second Slovak BM band with an official release they significantly influenced Slovak BM UG scene in late 90's and early 00's and played many gigs in Slovakia and Czech Republic. After releasing one demo and three full length releases, they disbanded in 2008. ... more

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Track Name: Expressionism: Razorblade
Vesper sweet...
The charity that the devil only gives
Limbo deep...
As he hides the blade inside the tongue of priest
Deliver me in vanity and promise me you'll never let me back
Else vulture 'til the end...

The throat into the nowhere, the dark demonic wisp
A chamber rather fragments whose creatures charming hiss
The curves into beginning, a lunacy beveled
A poem of empty phrases, as bloody as I spell
The rapture and the choking, a rope on timber faith
The syringe and the angles in pale syphilic taint
I crave those motherfuckers, the Jesus' children choir
Illuminating tiled walls all splattered with the gore...

The slumber in return
A long still sleep of fiery craving
Can't resist the sense enslaving
A bliss to yearn
A play of dream in somber theatre
Princess and rats beneath her
A bliss to burn...

Awaken with tide of the pain
Like cumming the serpents...

There must be a way out of this!
There must be a way out of this!

Shattered in grief we shall mourn one another
And sooner we find our spirits together
A chamber of limbo, arms tied Akimbo
A twosome like single when slaying themselves...

Who's wearing the treachery then?
When soaking on flowers we lay
Tenebri omnium pacis abbas

A message drawn with the bleeding wrist
A fettered pass of Adonis
Lines of finest crimson shade
Poetry that the demons read
Opium and the jimsonweed
The limbs of dying weak by thirst
A blossom yearning not to burst

Vesper sweet...
The charity that the devil only gives
Limbo deep...
As he hides the blade inside the tongue of priest
Track Name: Naiadian
The vulturous to shape the contours of the earth
A foaming armful therefore washing through the carst
Wonder if you could fill the hole that gapes in me
And flatten thorns that grew...

A strange routine to lay, yells to the rushing steams
Yeaning to pare all my rims
My self-control bequeath, leave the sense behind
Wrapped in my veil of untime...

I wish you were carver
And stroke the only tool
Eternity to shape the cyclone keen...
And all the tiring labour
The vanity of fool
To try and to unveil the libertine...

I've learned to understand the whispers of her mouth
Could stand the goose-flesh that her touch was giving me
Was screaming naked reaching out when passing rocks
She flattened me from world...

Whirling streams, my hair littered with the scenes
Seething with my constancy
Wherefore to love the chains, the black of the deep
Adoring her dead-cold embrace

A strange routine to lay, yells to the rushing steams
Yearning to pare all my rims
My self-control bequeath, leave the sense behind
Wrapped in my veil of untime...
Track Name: Judas, Look Around
Don't you wanna have Jesus card up your sleeve?
How useful to dispose of the judgement and dreams
Ordaining the game rules... now find out what is fake!
Win this game, Judas, and burn at the stake!

We all betrayed but still less of us knee
Can you feel guilty for your reason and will?
Two thousand years of hypocritical game
Haven't beaten visions of the sane

Judas look around
The goddamn laughed at you
'cause you repent for the deed so-called sin
That was committed by thee
Dismembered your will for sanity!
We'll never worship the false one from the cross of the incoming vice

z neba späť na zem: bez pretvárky, bez odriekania
judáš, pozri sa sem: že žiť sa dá ajbez požehnania!

The heathen legia... the battles of philosophia
I pronounce the name of the lord successor - the fellow
The renativity...
That has ever fought for liberty
That has ever fought for equity...
Listen to the derision of the God
Enveloped in the 'veil of ignorance'
Disdaining the divine omnipotence...
No more the cross...

Jesus must have been a woman
Yearning for the hurt
Urging for the love
No man would think up so slavish drivel like the evangel...
No, naturally he was a man
Look at his followers in arms
Think of their eagerness for power
Can you see a woman in such a pointless bloodbath called middle age?

Judas look around
The goddamn laughed at you
'cause you repent for the deed so-called sin
That was committed by thee
Dismembered your will for sanity!
We'll never worship the false one from the cross of the incoming vice
And diehardness, fraudelence and lies
Of the Christian reverie that we despise
No reverence for mankind
We'll never worship the false one from the cross of the incoming vice

When the philosopher wrote proudly the words "God is dead"
I heard the heaven's fall, I saw recaptured world - the black and the red
When the philosopher wrote proudly the words "Homo homini deus est"
I saw the followers redeeming the souls of the dead, up to the end - the quest
And the breath...

Track Name: Vespertine
I burn quiet...
A taste of sound, precaution fierce
A creature 'pon my chest, fuming

She sighs farewell, glancing at me

Either the gates or the breeze
Was that the hooting in the trees?
The timber pine in window and voices there beneath
A dirge, my wailing banshee...
Track Name: Zah-Doom-Unee
I could keep the secret if not for the void, the void
Truly if you seek red slavery, them paranoid
These pronounced echoes of the turbid thinking
The unicorns and the reptiles in the dirt
Proceeding through shrubbery
And the thousands thorns breeding from my skin

Whispered the wooden ear
When breathing, freezing...
Turmoil, bluebeard fears
And screaming, hearing
That no one ever hears

The boiling me
The frozen thee
And the haze upon all that's in between
It's growing new
And to be true
Suspended best than again to deive into

Midsummer aches

A full-plate mail
Inside it's frail
At the sounds of the mining it's fallen through
And deep it stays
...Don't dare to yield it for yourself
Track Name: Willow's Womb
Clouds traveling the winters
Since you've sown a tiny seed
At riverside that day
Then lay upon the dark waves
Stream carried you away...

Slough then released the burgeon
That I never hoped to see
A fortune left to take
A willow grown of your will
Seem' you did not forsake...

Waters, may you travel near
Bring news from far of my dear
Until then I shall sleep in willow's womb
A baby in the tomb

Clouds traveling the winters
And I no longer care
You're gone all the same...
Leaves caressing the dark waves
The willow is my name
Track Name: Omen
Dívulgátus orcus vastus
Diabolus véráx omnes
Universum infernalis
Universum sic hic sólus
Omnis malevolus vánus dolórósus déspéráns

"Quo vadis?" - He questioned himself
At the turn of the moment he stopped and was drawn
Into the thinking about destination of his path
Ever since that time he's been standing and never got anywhere
The others kept walking and never knew, where they came to
Only the God was laughing at the vanity of all the being

Dismal dismay
Forget the oratory of the illusionists' gildness
Just will, blind will
Reign of vanity mystified by petty everyday
...Tell me what's your freedom
...Possibility of heretical choice
...So show me your heresy and stop straining with that boulder named life, syzuphos!
Just will, blind will
Omen in your mind securing the endurance

Comment se remettre de sa naissance?

Comfutatis maledictis
Flammis acribus addictis...

Werther or stavrogin
Noble love or pitilessness - choose your handman, the enchanted!
And God? - "Yes" of the human heart
The most yulgar omen - the wretchedness per se
...Mais qui se reconnaît dans cette mixture fleurant l'eau de rose reléguée dans la transcendance?

And you are the same - just one of those pathetic flaring worms
Who are seeking the sense of this delirium titled - a life...
I will not tell you, that there's no omen
'cause I would disconfirm the abysmal foolery, the totality of the nothingness
'cause I would hallow the questionlessness...
The only way does exist - Your own revulsion...

...Ale najhorší nepriateľ, s ktorým sa môžeš stretnúť, budeš vždy sám sebe:
Sám na seba striehneš v jaskyniach a lesoch
Osamelý, kráĉaš cestou k sebe samému!
A mimo teba samého vedie tvoja casta i mimo tvojich siedmych diablov!
Kacírom buď si sám a bosorkou a veštcom a bláznom
A pochybovaĉom a nesvätým a zlosynom
Sám sa chci spáliť vo vlastnom svojom plameni: ako by si sa chcel obnoviť
As si predtým nezhorel na popol!
(F. nietzsche - tak riekol zarathustra)
Track Name: Pod Telgártom
Pod telgártom
V tej doline
Čierny havran
Vodu pije

Vodu pije
Veľkom žiali
Že mu jeho milá
V cudzom kraji

And her feet so light
Call her a fragile foe
When a genius sighned her precious air
Perilous earthquakes
The tongue would be her shepherd
To pronounce herself from everything

Even life her own
The wings of vowels
Spoken gray
Never to describe
How much it once
Brought ache

Kto ju videl
Povedzte mu
Čierne srdce
Potešte mu
Track Name: Two Thoughts
Drifted by the waters both raging and calm
A boat that is noble and strong
Storms and winds would let it drown
Like anchor holding all the pride
Shelter, choking all inside
Shore withheld the zeal to doom us

Dragged by winds into beaches of tears
Surrendered to a peaceful feel
It was me
Pulled through sand with choice of none...

The way she moved towards the door
I won't listen but I'm waiting for a word
For a moment I was thinking will she ever know?
Would he ever change?
In her mind counting failures
There were two lines on every side as I wept
And the very same two thoughts inside my head
I could feel her inches there beyond shut doors
We were mistaken and we would love therefore
Track Name: Was Lost And Now I'm Sound
How simple to lose the hope
How hard to bear the pain
To see veiled eyes again
To hold numb body...
Breathless I am

Some blue eyes wet by ache...
Warm hand caress' my back...
You're alone now to walk our common roads...

I touch the past to ease the soul...
And I still see the light severe...
Carving in my flesh

He shall guide you
Over the abyss of eternal sorrow
And he'll be there forever as you shall know
To help you deal with death pulling your hand... Towards me...

And again I crave the other shore...
Just like then when I saw dying...
And a piece of my heart deceased...
With something closer...
Than I ever was to me